The Design Team

Our award-winning design team has a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas including art direction, typography, design, page layout, illustration (hand and computer generated), forms management, scanning, color proofing, and variable data. They are experts in preparing projects for offset printing.

To discuss a new design project, please contact:

Tom Tozier, Director
Carl Sage, Graphic Artist
John Hobbes, Graphic Artist

Designing your own publications? Here are some tips:
  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid multiple typefaces
  • Use white space
  • Don't use underlining
  • Use printer's curves instead of inch marks for quotations and apostrophe
  • Turn off hyphenation in ragged right text
  • Don't use two spaces at the end of a sentence
  • Check postal regulations
  • Make it readable
  • Use the right tools *

* Microsft Publisher allows users to create color documents that can be output to their desktop printer. It's great for your Christmas newsletter to family and friends, but it is not a true page layout program. Documents created in Publisher cannot produce the necessary instructions to process plates for offset printing. Design Services will have to convert Publisher jobs for better printing results.

Importance of Proofreading
  • Review every aspect of your proof
  • Bring up questions and concerns ASAP
  • Show to all decision makers who need to sign off on the project
  • Proofread carefully
  • Fill out, SIGN, and date the proof slip
  • Return the proof promptly to keep your job on schedule * *
  • Proofreading Checklist (See below)

* * IMPORTANT! - Return the proof promptly to keep your job on schedule. We will not proceed to the next stage of your project until we have received your signed proof telling us how to proceed.

Are all corrections on your proof noted clearly in a contrasting color of ink so they can be easily seen?

Please check the following:

  • Read all the text - check for correct spelling, grammar and names
  • Are all graphics in the right place?
  • Are all photos in the right place and correctly identified?
  • Check all dates and days of the week against a calendar
  • Is your format consistent?
  • Check the position of the return address
  • Check for the correct postal permit
  • Bring up questions and concerns before the job is printed
  • Is anything missing?