On-line Ordering

Order on-line. You save time and money.

Plan Ahead

Quality design and production don\'t happen overnight. Plan ahead for the best results.

Consider Mail Requirments

Mailing your publication? Be sure to check with Mail Services to see if your address list and permit request is in order.

Get Approval

Make sure department decision makers have approved your text before you submit it for lay out.


Proofread carefully. You know your project better than anyone else.

Get Us the Details

Fill out your work order completely. That way we have all the information we need to do the job properly.

Web Image Quality

Downloading images from the Internet does not produce good results in print.

Variable Data

We can customize your flyers and postcards. Ask us about variable data printing.

Spell Checking

Spell check your documents before submitting them for printing.

Check Your Calendar

When announcing dates, check the date and day of the week against the calendar.

The Professional Look

Professional looking brochures are professionally designed. Call Design Services.

The Right Tools for the Job

Using software like Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint to design your own publications could make them more expensive to reproduce because those programs are not the right tools for printing.


Meet with a publications professional when planning your printing project. It\'s a free service.

Attention to Detail

A clean, clear, accurate, and approved manuscript will save you time and money.