Reprogrpahics & Design Services Trade Customs and Business Practices

Reprographics follows certain Trade Customs and Business Practices established for the Graphic Communications industry. The following customs and practices define the relationship between you, our client, and our service operations. If you have questions regarding any of the topics below please contact us.

Work Orders:

A completed work order (online or hard copy) must be submitted with each project presented for services. Projects without a work order may be delayed until the work order is received. Cancelled orders, experimental or preliminary work at clients request will be charged at the current rate for all services performed and materials provided to that point.

Pricing and Charge-back System:

Reprographics is a cost-recovery department and charges back clients for products and services based on time and materials. Reprographics are required to comply with the Campus Recharge Policy and are audited and charge-back rates approved annually by the Controller’s Office. Jobs are billed through the university Advantage financial system.

Price Estimates and Quotations:

Price estimates are based on the accuracy of the job specifications provided and are good for 30 days only. Any deviation from the original job specifications will make this estimate/quote null and void. Estimates/quotes only include costs for a combination of the following item(s) or production processes: film, stripping/plating, blueline proof(s), color proof(s), printing/copying, bindery and any subcontracting required. Pre-press design time, client file intervention and reader proofs are not included in the estimate/quote because of the many variables and unknown number of revision cycles in the design process.

Pre-press Proofs:

Design Services or Reprographics will submit pre-press proofs along with original copy and a proof slip for client’s review and approval. Corrections or revisions will be made on the proofs and proof slip returned to the provider marked "OK to Print," "OK to Print with Corrections/Revisions," or "Make Corrections/Revisions and Submit another Proof." Proofs must be returned by the required date in order to keep the client’s job on schedule. Proofs not returned by the required date will effect client’s delivery date and may incur rush charges. Reprographics & Design Services will not be responsible for undetected production errors if: proofs are not required by the client; the work is completed per the client’s OK, or requests for changes are communicated orally.

Color Proofing:

Because of differences in computers, printing/copying equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions between color proofing and production pressroom operations, a reasonable variation in color between color proofs and the printed project is to be expected. When variation of this kind occurs, it will be considered acceptable performance.

Press Proofs:

Press proofs will not be furnished unless they have been required in writing in the job specifications. A press sheet proof can be provided for client’s approval as long as the client is present at the press during make-ready. Any press time lost or corrections/revisions made because of the client’s delay or change of mind will be charged at the current rates.

Production Schedules & Rush Charges:

Production schedules to meet the client’s need date will be established by both the client and Reprographics. There will be no liability or penalty for causes beyond the control of Reprographics for not meeting the clients need date. In such cases, schedules will be extended by an amount of time equal to delay incurred. Client must return proofs by the required date in order to keep their job on schedule. Proofs not returned by the required date will effect client’s delivery date and may incur rush charges. A rush charge of 10%, not less than $10.00, will be charged for jobs requiring immediate turnaround or that require the lifting of other jobs in production in order to meet their deadline.

Job Returns and Credits:

Clients have five (5) working days from receipt of their project to return their project for credit or reprinting because of defect in workmanship. The client must return the entire job to Reprographics to be inspected for type and amount of defect. Reprographics will then determine the amount of credit to be given if the job is usable, or if the job is unusable to be reprinted at Reprographics expense or full credit given.