UNLV copier fleet management

Reprographics/Design Services manages the copier fleet, advising departments on the best copier solution for their documented usage, monitors all meter readings, checks all invoices for accuracy, pays the master invoices, bills back departments internally, and coordinates service calls and preventive maintenance with vendor service technicians.

Campus Copier Contract

University Copier Program (effective May 2009 and extended to May 2016)

The current copier contract (initial five-year term extended two years) with Xerox is an exclusive contract that saves the university money (an estimated $4 million over the initial term of the contract), while providing UNLV greater flexibility.

Highlights of the contract

Important note for departments with non-Xerox copiers: Departments with copiers leased from other copier vendors will be allowed to maintain existing leases and keep purchased equipment already in place, but when those leases expire or owned equipment needs to be replaced, departments must purchase or lease copiers through the new contract.

This contract affects every department on campus and provides several advantages and cost savings from past copier contracts and practices. While every department has different copying needs and history, most will see a savings in their copying costs, depending on the type of equipment selected and the number of copies made each month.